MLB Trade Deadline: Biggest Name on New York Yankees' Radar is Alfonso Soriano

By Justin Brown

The New York Yankees have struggled with injuries to key players this year. This is actually a gross understatement. I’m sure you have all seen the mind-blowing numbers about how many career home runs or how much salary is currently on the Yankees disabled list already, but the bottom line is that they are in need of some serious help on offense. Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman have done a remarkable job putting together a patchwork team that has remained competitive in the ultra tough American League East, but if the Yankees want to seriously contend for the playoffs, they will have to make some moves at the trading deadline. It just so happens that the biggest name the Yankees are apparently targeting and close to acquiring is one quite familiar to Yankee fans already: Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.

Soriano would provide the Yankees with a much-needed boost on offense. He has put up a solid but unspectacular line .259/.289/.476 17 home run line so far this season. For a Yankees team currently starved for offense (the team’s four and five hitters are hitting a combined .202), Soriano would provide immediate impact. The Cubs are reportedly asking for a mid-level prospect in return for Soriano, which is a reasonable asking price. Combine Soriano with the imminent return of Curtis Granderson and the Yankees would already be much improved offensively.

Soriano originally debuted for the Yankees and had some spectacular years before he was shipped off in the Alex Rodriguez blockbuster back in 2004. It would be ironic if Soriano returned and helped lead a Yankee resurgence with the now unpopular Rodriguez still on the disabled list. One thing is for sure; the Yankees need all the offensive help they can get, and Soriano would provide that as well as a good deal of additional intrigue.

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