New York Mets Giving Ike Davis a Long Chance to Turn Season Around

By David Miller
Ike Davis
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed Ike Davis had taken a bad few months with the New York Mets and allowed it to run him clean out of Major League Baseball. Not long before that Davis seemed like the perfect component to add power and run production to the batting order that would help David Wright immensely. The twisted road his career has been on this season now has him back with the Mets with another chance to turn his season and career around.

So far I would say things are not going that well. Yet the Mets are being patient and sticking with him. He gets plenty of play at first base and clearly is getting a ton of time to turn things around. Though the Mets are not exactly in the middle of a playoff race, I think it still might seem controversial to give him such a benefit of the doubt on this but the Mets are doing the right thing.

Davis still has plenty of potential to be one of the medium to leading bats at the first base position one day but he has to turn things around now. His last two games shine a tiny bit of positive light on it as he has three hits and two RBI. It’s not going to produce a life-size statue but it might lead the Mets to stick with him longer and give him more of a chance to regain his prior glory. Whether he will get there or not is something no one could guess but considering the caliber of player he is, I think he’ll wind up sticking around somewhere.

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