New York Mets Should Trade Ike Davis Before MLB Trade Deadline

By Bryan Zarpentine
The Star-Ledger – USA TODAY Sports

With the trade deadline approaching, one of several players the New York Mets should consider trading away is first baseman Ike Davis. Granted, Davis’ potential trade value is far from its peak after he has been struggling so much this season, but that shouldn’t stop the Mets from trying to trade him away.

Obviously, his performance is not what the Mets expected it to be after a strong second half last year. The Mets have been patient with him and even tried sending him to the minors to fix his swing, but at a certain point they have to cut their losses and come to the realization that Davis may not be their first baseman of the future.

If Davis stays in New York beyond this season, his salary will only increase, and obviously, there would be no guarantee that his performance would match his salary. The only alternatives would be to non-tender him and get nothing in return or trade him right now and hope to get something of value in return. Surely, some team out there would be willing to give up a legitimate prospect in exchange for Davis, given his potential and brief flashes of power and production over the past few years.

Davis’ attitude is also a reason why Mets should cut ties with him and make him someone else’s problem. Throughout the season, he’s had an issue with regards to arguing ball and strikes with umpires, something that would be best to avoid. Davis is also rumored to have thrown a temper tantrum after he wasn’t promoted when Lucas Duda, who had taken over at first base for the Mets when Davis was demoted, was placed on the disabled list. Such displays of immaturity are not something the Mets need to put up with in their organization, nor should they.

The Mets may have penciled in Davis as the first basemen of the future, but it’s not as if they don’t have other options. Duda looked far more comfortable playing first base in a few days that he ever did in the outfield the past few years, and he could become a viable option at first base if the Mets part ways with Davis.

The Mets could also move Daniel Murphy back to first base, try out Josh Satin on a more permanent basis or attempt to move prospect Wilmer Flores to first base, a position that may actually suit him best. The Mets had a .500 record while Davis was in the minors, indicating that they may not need him as much as you think, and that alone should make the Mets consider trading him.

It won’t be easy to find a suitor for Davis, but if the Mets don’t expect to receive much in return, they should be able to find a team to take him. Davis could certainly use a change of scenery, and the Mets need to free themselves of the baggage that Davis carries with him, both his struggles and his attitude. It may be a tough move to make for a multitude of reasons, but with the trade season starting to heat up, it might be time for the Mets to ship Davis out of town.

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