New York Yankees Acquiring Alfonso Soriano Would Be Ironic, But Necessary

By Adam Fischer

How ironic would it be if the New York Yankees do actually acquire Alfonso Soriano from the Chicago Cubs? The humor in this acquisition has everything to do with the saga that is Alex Rodriguez. The parity between these two players begins with how Rodriguez first became a Yankee. Soriano was traded from the Yanks to the Texas Rangers for Rodriguez; the Yankees also included a minor leaguer named Joaquin Arias.

Rodriguez and Soriano are both right-handed hitters in their late thirties who are well past their prime. But with Rodriguez’s now uncertain future due to his quad strain and link to the Biogenesis scandal, Soriano would be just what the Yankees need at this point in the season. If Rodriguez did play a game this season, I can’t see him producing more than what Soriano has done for the Cubs thus far.

Soriano is batting .256 with 17 home runs and 51 RBI. That would be a welcomed addition to the light-hitting Yanks, but more importantly he has power from the right side of the plate which is something the Bronx Bombers have lacked all season. He’s batting .280 with a .820 OPS versus left-handed pitchers this season; that would be the highest OPS versus lefties currently on the roster. The Yankees have been on a major power outage and some slugging from a right-handed hitter has been their biggest need offensively.

All of this just makes too much sense not to happen. The only possibility of a flaw is that Soriano hasn’t played a position besides outfield and designated hitter since 2009. The Yankees desperately need help at third base and Soriano has only 11 career games played there — one time in 2009 and 10 times in 2000. At his advanced age, it is unknown how a change to the hot corner would affect him and how he would handle the position. I say give it a shot if he does come full circle back to the Yanks, because the offensive production from that position this year has been god-awful and this could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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