Philadelphia Phillies Have no Idea Whether to Buy or Sell at Deadline

By David Miller
Chase Utley
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

More times than not, a MLB team that has struggled for a lot of the year will be in the business of selling off salary at the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. The way the Philadelphia Phillies are veteran heavy and the fact that they struggled for a lot of the season seems to put them squarely in that spot. To be sure if they sell, they will be among the more active teams come the final few days. However, that isn’t set in stone for the Phillies. In a rare bubble situation, the Phillies are just as likely to be big buyers at the deadline as they are big sellers. It is quite an interesting thought.

Basically the rumor is that the Phillies have a week to decide the fate of their roster. If they play well this week they could very easily be one of the more active buyers on the market as they try to at least make noise towards the wildcard spots. If they do not play well they could be unloading money and players like some of the most active sellers on the market. Isn’t that awesome that the players have a week to decide their own fate?

Well, it might be awesome if they weren’t playing the St. Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers in back to back series this week. Yeah, that part of it kind of stinks. Actually it enters a variable into the equation. Considering the fact that they are playing two of MLB’s best teams this week, would they still be willing to be buyers if they only won a couple of games and didn’t lose ground in the standings? I guess time will tell. You have to know Phillies fans are on the edge of their seats over this. We’ll see what happens.

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