Seattle Mariners Showing Grit with Lengthy Winning Streak

By David Miller
Seattle Mariners
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the game Tuesday with the Cleveland Indians the Seattle Mariners’ winning streak had reached seven games. Though it might not seem like it on the surface, a winning streak like that means something to even the teams that are way back in the standings. The Mariners have showed heart and grit during the winning streak along with some timely hitting and of course great starting pitching.

As with all winning streaks, all good things must end. Eventually it will end and when it does the real test will begin for the Mariners as with all teams that have long streaks. The letdown after losing a game has to be flipped into motivation to start another winning streak or it will start an equally impressive losing streak. Nothing is more destructive than a long losing streak that follows a winning streak because it undoes all the good of the win streak and does a ton of confidence damage.

To be honest, the Mariners have an outside shot at best at reaching any type of post-season dream this season. But that means something to the team and its fans. Most of all it shows the players that they are rewarded for their hard work by a GM that at least for now doesn’t want to just sell off all of his players. Perhaps for once a team that isn’t in contention can make themselves better just by playing the game better. Wow, who would even consider such a thing being possible?

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