Top 5 MLB Teams That Should Make A Play At Matt Garza This Offseason

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Top 5 Teams That Will Be Involved in Matt Garza Free Agency Sweepstakes

Top 5 Teams That Will Be Involved in Matt Garza Free Agency Sweepstakes
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While Matt Garza may be with the Texas Rangers for the time being, he's a free agent this summer and it will take a large chunk of change for Texas to keep him in town. Depending on how the starter fares in the Lone Star State, Garza could be the best pitcher available on the open market this offseason. With that being said, teams will be lining up for Garza's services and the list of teams that are interested is growing by the day.

The Chicago Cubs loved the way Garza pitched to end his career in the North Side as the former 2008 ALCS MVP was 5-0 in his last six starts with a combined 38 strikeouts! Therefore, over a dozen clubs called and asked Chicago about its asking price for the starters. Obviously, the Rangers offered the best bargain and those same teams will be going into this offseason with a sharp eye on Garza.

Due to his success in both the American League and National League, Garza is universally a hot commodity. However, the price tag attached to Garza might keep a few possible suitors at bay. For example, teams frugal teams like the San Diego Padres were linked to Garza at the deadline, yet they don't have the funds to lure a top-notch ace like No. 22 to town.

Thus, the bidding war for Garza is likely doing to be between teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and San Francisco Giants, who have both flashed some cash toward high-caliber free agents in the past.

Here is a quick rundown of five MLB teams that should be keying in on Garza once he hits the free agent market this winter.

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No. 5 Team Vying For Matt Garza: Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers
Jake Roth

The Texas Rangers definitely have the inside track in the Garza sweepstakes, yet it's going to come down to money and the Rangers might not have enough. Yu Darvish is making $10 million in 2014 and is under the books until 2018, so I don't see why Garza would take a pay cut just to play second fiddle to Darvish. However, a World Series ring might keep Garza in the Lone Star State.

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No. 4 Team Vying For Matt Garza: San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants
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While some may say the contract that the San Francisco Giants gave Matt Cain this offseason puts them out of the Garza race, San Fran can and will make an offer to the starting pitcher. Keep in mind that Tim Lincecum is a free agent after the season and he will leave a rather large void if and when the Giants decide to cut ties with "The Freak." Garza should also be enticed by the Giants' recent postseason success.

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No. 3 Team Vying For Matt Garza: Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies

Remember when Cliff Lee tried his hand with the Rangers for less than half of a season and then signed with the Philadelphia Phillies the very next offseason? Well, Garza could easily follow in the footsteps of Lee as Roy Halladay is leaving Philly this offseason and the aforementioned Lee could be traded within the next few weeks. Philadelphia has a nice core and spending some cash on Garza could make a lot of since for the Phillies.

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No. 2 Team Vying For Matt Garza: Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles already tested their hand with a Cubs starter this year as Scott Feldman was shipped from the Windy City to Baltimore earlier this month. Moreover, the Orioles could offer Garza a chance to win along with a long-term deal that most teams can't bring to the table. It looks like the Orioles are going to be around for a while, but if they want to be perennial contenders then they need an ace and they currently lack a big-game pitcher like Garza.

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No. 1 Team Vying For Matt Garza: Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians
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If Garza wants to be the ace of a staff and be an integral part to a World Series contender than he will sign with the Cleveland Indians this winter. In 2012, the Tribe focused on its offense as they gave Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and Mark Reynolds deals to sure up an inconsistent lineup. Cleveland is currently in the AL Central hunt, but its pitching staff could definitely use a guy like Garza at the front of it. Not to mention, the Indians have the funds to give Garza a contract richer than most.

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