Victor Martinez Is Key To Detroit Tigers' Success

By Brent Smith
Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports

Victor Martinez is a key cog to this Detroit Tigers lineup.

That is stating the obvious, but it’s his recent success that has fans buzzing lately, hitting .400 in July and coming up with huge clutch hits like his two-run single off Chris Sale in Monday’s game.

To say Victor was struggling before this month would be like saying the Miami Marlins weren’t doing so well this season. Martinez was hovering around a .230 batting average and every time it seemed Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder would create a rally, Martinez would always be in a position to spoil it.

So what has been the key to this turnaround?

Well some of it was bound to happen, I mean, Martinez has been an amazing hitter practically every season, so you knew that even with the concerns of missing all of last season that eventually he was going to figure it out.

Also, while the batting average was atrocious, the balls he was hitting were rockets that were finding the opponents’ gloves. Now those same balls are finding gaps, and Martinez has been hitting up the middle, which shows that he is really locked in and seeing the ball incredibly right now.

With an improved Victor Martinez, there is much hope that this offense can finally show some signs of what they should be. Martinez is going to bat with men in scoring position quite often in the no. 5 spot, and the team needs the 2011 Martinez if the Tigers are going to be the offensive threat that many see them as.

The more Martinez hits, the more the Tigers score.

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