Alex Rodriguez Gets Second Opinion on MRI and it Contradicts New York Yankees

By Adam Fischer
New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez
Jeff Blake- USA TODAY Sports

The Alex Rodriguez saga gets stranger by the day. Every time the sun rises, new controversy surrounds him and the New York Yankees. The two parties are estranged and it doesn’t seem like there is going to be an easy resolution. Today, Rodriguez reached out for a second opinion on the MRI that revealed he had a Grade-1 quad strain.

The doctor that Rodriguez asked to look at his MRI is Dr. Michael Gross. What is interesting about the selection of this doctor is that he works in an anti-aging clinic, just like the company that implicated Rodriguez on the list of players using performance-enhancing drugs. Dr. Gross refers to himself as a “bioidentical hormone physician,” which indicates to me is that this doctor has ties to growth hormones, a performance enhancing drug.

Dr. Gross said that he didn’t see anything wrong on the MRI of Rodriguez’s quad, and Rodriguez has said he feels fine and is able to play. This brings up more theories about the Yankees deliberately keeping A-Rod off of the field, presumably to refrain from having to pay his contract. My thought is that Rodriguez, in fact, does have an injury because the Yankees simply need more production from third base. They are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and it doesn’t make sense for them to make up an injury and lose a right-handed bat with the possibility of power.

Each day brings new information regarding A-Rod’s relationship with the team that employs him, and with every revelation, it seems to be getting more and more strained. But as of now, Rodriguez is still in Tampa, while the Yankees are in Texas, and his return is still as unpredictable as this saga between these two sides.

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