Darren Oliver Delivers Yet Another Knockout Blow To Toronto Blue Jays' Season

By Thom Tsang
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Darren Oliver forgot to show up at the Toronto Blue Jays‘ players-only meeting on Tuesday.

In fact, you might even say that he neglected to show up to the game altogether. At least that could provide some explanation for the impostor who showed up to the eighth inning of the bluebirds’ game against the Los Angeles Dodgers and, for the lack of a better term, sucked the life out of the home crowd by plain old … sucking.

What’s worse is that the 10-9 loss for Toronto should have never even gotten anywhere close to that point.

Having knocked around Chris Capuano and Carlos Marmol MarmLOL for eight runs through six innings, this was a game that the Blue Jays should have had well in hand, being up 8-3 headed into the top of the seventh. Even after a scary-looking outing from an ineffective Brett Cecil, the team was still up by an 8-6 score, and the road was set for Casey Janssen in the ninth.

That was until the veteran Oliver decided that he’d gotten pretty tired of this whole having-the-lead thing, and instead preferred to give up the lead by allowing a pair of baserunners, followed by an Adrian Gonzalez three-run homer. And if that didn’t sufficiently shock the Toronto home crown with a dose of nightmarish disappointment at having blown a five-run lead … the lefty gave up another solo shot to Andre Ethier just to make sure.

For many Blue Jays fans, it’d perhaps gotten more comical than just rage-inducing at that point, though I doubt unintentional comedy was the 42-year-old’s goal.

Fittingly, the second homer the veteran allowed turned out to be the difference in this game, but when we’re talking about meltdowns of this level, the final results hardly matter. Defying baseball logic and creating narratives out of thin air all season, these Toronto Blue Jays have become the unlovable losers of the north who seem to have the uncanny knack to find ways to lose, and Oliver was simply the star of the show on this night.

It’s just too bad, because for all the efforts the team made to convince Oliver that he wasn’t done with the Blue Jays, they may have forgotten to ask if he was just … you know, done.

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