List of MLB Players Who Could Suffer Same Fate as Ryan Braun

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List of MLB Players Who Could Suffer Same Fate as Ryan Braun

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Major League Baseball has finally fired their version of the ‘Shot Heard around the World’ but for them it was the ‘Suspension Heard around the World’. With the suspension of Ryan Braun, the penalty phase of the infamous Biogenetics scandal has finally begun but he is far from the last man to go down to a lengthy suspension. There are several. This is a list of players publicly known to have ties with the same clinic and who therefore face a similar fate.

It is interesting to note that while Braun has been suspected of PED usage for a while now, because of the technicality he got off on last time, this is actually his first offense. Yet the 65 game suspension is a lofty one for a first offense. Here is how MLB got around that tidbit of factual information. They decided that the players lying about doping could be considered their first offense. That way with the actual evidence they appear to have, they can say they have two offenses. Even players who have never had ties to PED usage will probably be punished for a second offense.

For some players, this would make it their third offense with the math MLB is using, meaning they will likely have a steeper penalty. With all of this aggressive treatment of the accused offenders there is something that gets lost and I’ll cover it with an additional suspension that I believe should be dealt considering the entire mess of PED usage in MLB.

In addition to the players you will see on this list, the other man that should be suspended is MLB commissioner Bud Selig. Selig wants to make an example of everyone that had anything to do with this scandal and anyone that had anything to do with the years of PED use that has stained the sport of baseball in America. It’s all for the integrity of the game after all. Well considering the way Selig seemed to turn the other direction back when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were bringing in record attendance and TV views, along with the simple fact that this happened on his watch, he should suspend himself.

I’m not saying he should be banned for life or that he should even resign but I think it would show that MLB is most serious about this issue if they hold themselves accountable for not putting a stop to this earlier. They have to accept some responsibility for not getting this serious about it until now. Without any further delay, here is the list of players that could soon suffer a Braun like suspension.

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13-Jordan Norberto

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Though he hasn’t had much of what you would call great success in his career up until this point, Norberto did see a significant improvement in ERA this season with the Oakland Athletics. It had been above 5, right at 8 and this year it’s down closer to 2.00. He would be one of many first timers that could be suspended as if it were his second.

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12-Fautino de los Santos

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This is an example of a head-scratcher in this group. He has had very limited time in MLB with the Oakland Athletics but the numbers are not great. His overall performance from now back through the minor leagues is fairly consistent. Still, MLB has his name along with the others and so he probably will get hit with time off. I think the public outcry is absent for guys like Santos that haven’t “stolen” awards or seemingly seen any benefit at all from the supposed PED usage.

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11-Francisco Cervelli

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One of a few New York Yankees on this list, Cervelli is similar to Santos in that he hasn’t been setting records or winning awards. It is puzzling how that connection works out but nonetheless, Cervelli is on the list right along with Ryan Braun and likely will get suspended for some time frame as well.

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10-Fernando Martinez

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This outfielder for the Houston Astros has yet to be a consistent player at the MLB level. As such, he has had little success and his numbers are nowhere near the lofty level of some players on the famous list.

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9-Yasmani Grandal

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A catcher for the San Diego Padres, Grandal is yet another on the Biogenetics list that hasn’t seen what I would call a boost of performance from the supposed Performance-Enhancing Drugs. Like most, he would be a first time offender likely treated like a two-timer.

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8-Cesar Puello

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Puello has yet to make it to the biggest stage but he is a breakout prospect for the New York Mets and ranked as the #77 overall prospect in MLB at one time. This young man has future all-star outfielder written all over his stat-sheet. Or rather he did prior to this. How the suspensions will work for someone still at the minor league level is uncertain but I would think at least a few guys on the list would possibly be treated as actual first time offenders, depending on the situation. Puello could be one of those.

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7-Jhonny Peralta

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Peralta had decent numbers until he went to the Detroit Tigers. Since his time started there he is a two-time all-star including being chosen for the 2013 team. His numbers are good over the past couple of years. Whether MLB can technically remove an all-star appearance from the record books is unclear.

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6-Jesus Montero

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Montero had an above average showing for the New York Yankees a couple of years ago but has seen little overly amazing success since then. His last two seasons haven’t been terribly impressive from a stat perspective for the Seattle Mariners.

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5-Everth Cabrera

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Cabrera has been a standout on the base paths for the last two seasons for the San Diego Padres and is certainly an above average player from a stat perspective. Cabrera has been extremely vocal in the past in his vehement denial of the PED charges. He claims to have had nothing at all to do with this situation and seems unclear how his name even got on that list. I doubt MLB will listen closely to his arguments unless he has evidence to refute the evidence they have.

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4-Nelson Cruz

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It is difficult to know if a player’s success can really be attributed completely to a PED substance because talent certainly is a factor. Cruz was an all-star this season for the Texas Rangers and has had very good numbers across the board. He is a good player but also has been publicly tied to the others in the scandal.

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3-Bartolo Colon

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Colon has been an ace for the Oakland Athletics this season and seemingly deserved an all-star appearance. This however would be a repeat offense for Colon and therefore could be looked at as a third time offense. He probably would not be banned for life because of the way MLB is adding an offense to everyone’s record but a suspension would put a stain on his record and a cramp on the A’s season for sure.

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2-Melky Cabrera

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Stat-wise Cabrera has a pretty good sheet to look at with the Toronto Blue Jays as well as other teams. Unfortunately this is not the first time he has been mentioned in the same breath as steroids or PED usage in general. He is one that could receive an even harsher punishment than Braun because it actually is not his first time around this type of scandal. Braun’s suspension is 65 games but Cabrera’s could be more than that.

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1-Alex Rodriguez

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Here we are at number 1 and what do you know; it’s A-Rod. PED usage has been around Rodriguez’s career for at least a decade if not more. He has repeatedly been coupled with others in steroid rumors and even admission. The suspension for A-Rod could be so bad that it might not be a suspension at all. If anyone on this list has the potential to be banned for life, it is Alex Rodriguez. Sadly enough, I doubt many in baseball, least of all the New York Yankees, would even argue.