Matt Kemp Deserving of MVP He'll Never Get

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Kemp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You had to respect Matt Kemp‘s candor when he commented on Ryan Braun‘s suspension, and of course their MVP race from 2011. When asked if the award should be taken away from Braun he replied, “I mean, yeah, I do. I feel like it should be, but that’s not for me to decide, you know?”

Kemp is unfortunately right, it’s not for him or baseball fans to decide. No, it’s up to MLB and we all know how they deal with this kind of stuff – they do nothing at all. They leave the record books how they are and there’s never an explanation or a word spoken about it.

What about an asterisk? Or automatically giving the award to the second place finisher if the winner is a convicted cheater? Those both seem like logical solutions to this problem…but no. Nothing is ever done about.

For a game that puts as much emphasis on stats as much as baseball does, this is an especially crappy thing. The real most deserving winners of coveted awards are not being recognized. Instead, liars and cheaters sit atop lists in many of the game’s treasured statistical categories.

It may not be realistic to think that MLB can ever get to a place where it ‘rights the wrongs’ of the past, but something has to be done about things like the NL MVP award from 2011. Matt Kemp will now join a long list of players who have been screwed over by similar circumstances.


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