New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Doesn't Have Quad Strain?

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The latest buzz on Twitter today is that Alex Rodriguez doesn’t have a quad strain like the New York Yankees said he did this past week. A-Rod was ready to make his return to show on Monday, but at the last moment he came up with this injury.

Radio personality Mike Francesa spoke to Dr. Michael Gross who looked at A-Rod’s MRI, and he says the former slugger is fine.

This is of course leading everyone to believe that the Yankees are holding him back on purpose. Rodriguez claims he’s fine and has apparently even told the doctor and the Yankees that he’s 100%.  While this seems pretty legitimate – what does it really matter?

It wouldn’t be shocking to learn that the Yankees are holding him back, because they probably want to distance themselves from a guy who’s rumored to be facing a lifetime ban. MLB is said to have a mountain of evidence against A-Rod and it’s only a matter of time before they bring the hammer down.

No one should feel sorry for Rodriguez and you can’t really blame the Yankees if they want to move on. This whole thing could get really ugly in the near future, which is why it’s not a bad idea for New York to hold off on calling him back up.

Maybe at some point if this investigation draws on, then the Yankees could look at possibly bringing him back. But with Ryan Braun going down, we all know who’s next.


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