Tony Cingrani Ready To Be Key Force On Mound For Cincinnati Reds

By John Raffel
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Cingrani seems ready to be a force in the Cincinnati Reds rotation.

The Reds played the San Francisco Giants in a unique doubleheader Tuesday, in which they were actually the home team in one game despite being at San Francisco. An earlier rainout at Cincinnati between the two teams made this bizarre doubleheader necessary.

Cingrani was just happy for a chance to show his pitching skills. He threw a career-high 118 pitches over 6.2 innings and allowed two runs on five hits. He was his team’s 26th man on the roster because of exemptions to the 25-player rule special to doubleheaders.

Cingrani admits it wasn’t easy at times. He has to have better control of his off-speed pitches and his stamina has to improve in his later innings. He did get a hit and RBI on one swing of the bat, which is encouraging for a National League pitcher.

In 16 games which includes 11 starts, Cingrani has an ERA of  3.18. It looks like he’s gaining more confidence at he sees more time on the mound. The Reds are hoping he develops into a quality, dependable starter and it looks like he will, but he needs to keep having quality starts like he did against the Giants if he wants to avoid being shipped back to the minors.

He can’t sit on his laurels from one or two efforts. He has to keep it going if he wants to stay in Cincinnati.

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