Washington Nationals Fans Need to Accept Possibility of No 2013 Playoffs

By Nick Comando
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals have become baseball’s biggest disappointment. There is no way around it.

No team, aside from perhaps the Detroit Tigers, had bigger expectations going into this season than Washington did, expected to win more than 100 games, run away with their second consecutive NL East title, and most likely end their season in the World Series either as the winner or the loser. It seems that pressure, or the letdown from the now infamous game five, has gotten to Washington, and boy is it obvious.

There is no player on the Nationals roster that has carried the team whether it is offensively or pitching-wise, and the lineup has not been able to get into any semblance of a rhythm offensively. The bullpen has been about as hot and cold as it can get, along with the team’s defense being sloppy. Needless to say, this is about as polar opposite of what was expected from Washington as things can get, and it brings this fan to a sad conclusion.

The Nationals probably will not make the playoffs this season.

There, I said it. It hurt to say it, it hurt to think it, and it hurt to type each letter spelling it out. But what indication has Washington given me or any other fan that it will turn things around? That’s right, none. Dan Haren, thought to be a more than serviceable replacement for Edwin Jackson, has allowed the sixth most home runs in baseball with 21, which leads the National League. Ross Detwiler cannot stay healthy either and went to L.A. to see a back specialist because of a lingering issue.

Having those two key pitchers both under-performing and being hurt is alarming enough, but add to the fray that their offense has been abysmal with a .239 team batting average and you get more than enough reason to believe that 2013 may be a lost year in D.C. The Washington cannot get out of its own way. They still, of course, could turn things around, but fans, along with players, need to start to steel themselves for a very saddening and frustrating possibility.

The possibility of sitting on their couches and watching the postseason.

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