5 MLB Teams That Should Be Sellers At Trade Deadline

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Five Trade Deadline Sellers

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With the trade deadline only a week away, teams will either become buyers, sellers or stay put when July 31 comes. This article will be dedicated to those who will label themselves as sellers. Every team has the same aspirations at the start of the year: to stay healthy, make the playoffs and hopefully make a run for the World Series. When those dreams do not come to fruition, that’s when teams become sellers.

As we know, only 10 teams can qualify for postseason play each year. With the way the races are shaping up, there are realistically 12-14 teams out of contention right now. There could be a handful of others that decide they can’t afford to acquire the players they will require to make a push.

Sometimes the best approach for those teams on the fringe is to cut their losses. There are a lot of teams out there with valuable trade assets, and instead of risking their futures to maybe have the slight chance of making the playoffs, they should look towards 2014 and beyond. They can trade their assets for prospects that can contribute in a few years.

There are plenty of teams out there that will be buyers. Four teams are separated by seven games in the AL East, and no one has a larger division lead than seven games. So with all those buyers, the question becomes: will there be enough out there to acquire? Here’s a look at five teams who should be sellers at the deadline.

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1. Philadelphia Phillies

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Here is one of the borderline teams that has too many holes. They need multiple bullpen arms and an outfielder if they even want a chance to gain ground, and that is not worth giving up prospects. They are better off making Michael Young, Chase Utley and anyone else available. After a successful five-year run, it is time to rebuild in Philly.

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2. New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees have played quite well despite a ton of injuries and sit only seven games out of first in the AL East. However, after continually having the highest payroll in baseball, all they have to show for it is one World Series in the last 12 years. They have made a lot of signings that have backfired and if they can unload any of this salary, it would be a blessing in disguise to help them try to start over and replenish their weak farm system.

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3. Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox had a surprising year last year, finishing just short of making the playoffs. This year has not been as pleasant as they currently sit at 39-58. A lot of people are after their bullpen arms and Alex Rios, so the White Sox would be wise to load up on prospects.

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4. Los Angeles Angels

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The biggest disappointment of the 2013 has to be the play of the Los Angeles Angels. They had an (almost) great comeback after struggling early last year, and loaded up again by bringing in Josh Hamilton. But this year has not been much better. They have all the talent in the world but cannot put it together. They, like the Yankees, might have contracts that people do not want to take on, but they might have to give it a shot.

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5. San Francisco Giants

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It is hard to tell a team that just won the World Series to sell and for a while, the division seemed to be up for grabs. But while the Los Angeles Dodgers keep getting better, the San Francisco Giants seem to be getting worse. All of their starters outside of Madison Bumgarner are having down years, but they have enough bullpen arms and bats that if made available, will help them turn this around sooner rather than later.