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5 Trades the Boston Red Sox Need to Make

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5 trades the Boston Red Sox need to make

Ben Charington
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'Tis the season. Middle of Summer, time spent by the lake, ocean, or even just a pool. Dogs and burgers find their way onto our grills, and MLB GMs are running around like chickens with their heads cut off to try and make the deal that will put their team over the top.

The Boston Red Sox have a number of positions that can be addressed. There is a blatant need for a quality starter. They need a guy they can rely on in the playoffs. This isn’t a back-end rotation guy, but a guy that has no. 3 type stuff.

They also need some help in the bullpen. The innings are stacking up on the arms the Red Sox have now, and they have lost three pitchers to season-ending injuries in the bullpen alone.

With the struggles of Will Middlebrooks this year and Jose Iglesias’ batting average dropping quickly, the Red Sox need to improve the third base position.

One other position that may need an upgrade is catcher. Jared Saltalamacchia has lost his power stroke and Ryan Lavarnway has proved he is not the catcher of the future.

One good thing for the Red Sox is the fact their system is loaded with prospects. They are so deep on the left side of the infield in the system they have moved a former first-round pick to the outfield to keep up the playing time in the minors. The Sox have plenty of ammo, now it is time to pull the trigger.

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Jake Peavy for Will Middlebrooks

Jake Peavy
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Will Middlebrooks has struggled this year. Jake Peavy would not be just a two-month rental since he is under contract through 2014. Garin Cecchini and Xander Bogaerts are the future for the Red Sox, so they might as well deal Middlebrooks to improve the squad for today.

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Steve Cishek for Bryce Brentz and Kolbrin Vitek

Steve Cishek
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Steve Cishek has been a closer this season and could be a valuable late-inning arm for the Boston Red Sox. He would not be a guy to take the closer job, but should Koji Uehara struggle down the stretch or just need some extra days off, Cishek could step in. Kolbrin Vitek is a former first-round pick for the Red Sox, and could play third base or a corner outfield for the Miami Marlins in the future. Bryce Brentz has struggled with injuries this season, but he is big league-ready and someone that could help the Marlins for many years.

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Jesse Crain for Keury De La Cruz and Mario Alcantara

Jesse Crain
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The Chicago White Sox system is pretty thin, so a couple of big upside young prospects could be very enticing for them. Jesse Crain is the type of guy that could be used in a variety of situations, which is just what the Boston Red Sox would be looking for. While neither Keury De La Cruz or Mario Alcantara are close to big-league ready, they are Rule 5 eligible, so there might be a bottom-dwelling team that would consider adding one of these guys to their roster next season for the future upside, and dealing them now would bring good value.

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Chase Utley for Anthony Ranaudo

Chase Utley
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Chase Utley has played a grand total of zero games at third base in his major league career, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it. He has played 26 games at first base, and his size at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds is an ideal body for the hot corner. Anthony Ranaudo has been the most impressive pitcher in the minor leagues for the Boston Red Sox, but his upside is a back of the rotation starter. With all the pitching depth in the Red Sox system, and the fact Ranaudo’s value may never be higher, this is a trade that could really raise some eyebrows and improve the Red Sox' World Series chances.

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Brian McCann for Jacoby Ellsbury

Brian McCann
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This deal would be “I will give you my big free agent guy if you give me yours.” Both Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury will be very popular this coming offseason, but both could also fill a need this season for the respective teams. There is a ton of money in the Atlanta Braves outfield, but Ellsbury in center instead of B.J. Upton would be a huge improvement, and the loss of McCann would be mild due to the presence of Evan Gattis. For the Boston Red Sox, it would be a loss to give up Ellsbury, but Daniel Nava could fill the void and it would allow a Jonny Gomes/Mike Carp platoon in left.