Because Toronto Blue Jays Needed More Bad News, Brandon Morrow Likely Out For Season

By Thom Tsang
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a case of more injury being added to insult, the Toronto Blue Jays have lost Brandon Morrow for at least six wee … oh, does it really matter anymore?

The short of is is that the starter, who has been on the DL since June 1, isn’t expected to return to the big-league mound this season. Not that his return would help this train wreck of a season for the Blue Jays, of course, but in case you somehow wanted to relive the nightmarish comedy of disappointments that the team has gone through, let’s just revisit a few things.

From first losing in a rout, then blowing a 8-3 lead in the next game, to letting a Colby Rasmus error score the tying run (while being one strike away from a win, no less) and having Juan Perez blow it in extras with five runs on two homers, the news that Morrow will likely not be able to pitch again this season is barely even scratching the surface here.

Oh, and that I mention all of that happened in one week … and it’s not even the weekend yet?

Yessir, these are your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays, the mess that’s put fans north of the border through all five stages on how to deal with uncompromising failure and grief (well, as much as it can apply to being attached to watching grown men play a child’s game … and playing it like children), and probably more than once .

Do you laugh at the situation? It’s certainly somewhat comical, but also upsetting, sad, and shocking … you get the point.

So perhaps there is some narrative that Morrow’s misadventures can fit into. Maybe one could say that this was the final blow to a season that’s seen a number of knockout blows; but you know, that wouldn’t even do the injury justice. The fact is that even if the right-hander did return, this is a pitcher who owned a 5.63/1.49 ERA/WHIP through 10 starts, and would have had little to no impact on the outlook for the team this season.

After all, Josh Johnson returned to health too, and I think most folks know how that’s turning out.

The point, I suppose, is that Morrow or no, these things are no longer legitimate issues for the team to rally behind. Yes, even if the rotation had been decimated by injury, even if Todd Redmond is the latest in the long string of starters that they’ve used, the fact is that this team has been just plain bad — Morrow et al.

So there’s really no need to approach this latest episode with too much negativity, really.

Yes, it sucks that the Blue Jays have once again lost another starter, but on the bright side, Morrow’s injury might have saved the fans from one more on-field disappointment.

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