Boston Red Sox Rumors: Time for Jake Peavy to Change the Color of his Sox

By Shaun P Kernahan
Jake Peavy
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Peavy went seven solid innings for the Chicago White Sox, Thursday, in his second game back from the DL.  It should be his final start for the White Sox, because it’s time for him to become a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Peavy did give up three home runs, but it was against as potent a lineup as there is in the Detroit Tigers.  He is 7-4 this year with an ERA of 4.19, but he only has 73 innings pitched this season.  He has a reputation of being injury prone, but that isn’t totally the case.  His shoulder injury was a fluke and something nobody had ever come back from, but he did and has pitched well.  This season he missed time with a rib injury but looks to be no worse for the wear after two starts.

There is talk the White Sox want Will Middlebrooks in return.  At first glance, this seems like a steep price, but it might not be as bad as it looks.  By September, a guy by the name of Xander Bogaerts will likely be in Boston, and while he is the shortstop of the future, he has put in some work to get comfortable at third. It is time for him to become a member of the Boston Red Sox.

There is also Garin Cecchini sitting at AA that has an outstanding bat.  Cecchini has as good of an approach at the plate in the Red Sox system since Kevin Youkilis.  He actually has a very similar scouting report to Youk.  He has average power and average defense, but a plus plus hit tool.  Youk developed the defense and power, and Cecchini has sneaky speed that could land him 15 steals a year.

Those two guys, including the fact a trade for Peavy would not be a two month rental since he is under contract for 2014, makes Middlebrooks a reasonable chip to part with.

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