Could Alex Rodriguez Face An Injury Discipline From The New York Yankees?

By Paul Seaver
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez have been at a virtual impasse over the past couple of weeks and a lot of it is geared at his rehabilitation process and the third baseman’s attempt to get onto the big league field.

According to a report from ESPN New York, the Yankees are considering disciplinary action against Rodriguez for seeking a second medical opinion on his injured quad without following the procedures that are put forth in baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. Long story short, the Yankees may apparently be looking to do whatever they can to keep A-Rod off the field. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate and ironically enough, it has nothing to do with the ongoing PED investigation that Rodriguez has found himself smack dab in the middle of.

Many reports and rumors are indicating that it is only a matter of time before Rodriguez is suspended or possibly even banned from major league baseball because of his connection to a PED clinic in Miami, Florida. As the A-Rod drama continues, the Yankees are basically looking to show the third baseman who is boss in terms of team decisions and activities.

In all however, can anyone even blame New York?

A-Rod has put himself in an awful situation and nobody is really lending out a sympathetic hand — and why should they? The Yankees are virtually hinting that they really don’t want Rodriguez to be apart of the team, especially if he is due to be suspended in the coming weeks and they have more than enough reasons to back that point of view up, if that’s the case.

Will A-Rod ever play another game with the Yankees or even in the MLB for that matter, again?

That, just may be the million dollar question.


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