New York Yankees Won't Consider Trading Robinson Cano

By Gavin Ewbank

As many fans would tell you, the New York Yankees aren’t in good shape. They might not be going anywhere this season and the future is looking very bleak.

The farm system isn’t very strong. While it’s stocked with many good up-and-coming pitchers, the Yankees’ minor league system doesn’t have many, if any, major league level bats coming up in the next few years. Because of this, a lot of people seem to say the same thing: the Yankees should trade Robinson Cano and retool for the future.

That isn’t going to happen and it should never happen.

Hands down, Cano is the best player on the Yankees roster. In a season like this, with the moves they’ve made and the players they have coming back, they’re not giving up. That’s not what the Yankees do.

Yes, trading Cano would get the New York loads of young prospects, but if the Yankees trade him, the roster will be left with a whole lot of nothing. Do fans really want to watch a lineup without any star-power? That brings us back to why he won’t be traded. There’s a reason why nobody watches the Houston Astros or Miami Marlins — there’s nothing special to watch.

How are the Yankees going to sell tickets, or at least sell more than the little they already do, if there aren’t any stars to watch? That’s not Yankees baseball — that’s boring baseball.

They already have a tough time getting people to come out to watch Brent Lillibridge, Luis Cruz and Austin Romine try to carry the lineup. The Yankees will do everything they can to build a playoff team, and Robinson Cano is a part of that plan.

Gavin Ewbank is a writer for Follow Gavin on Twitter, @GavinEwbank2013.

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