Trade Deadline Moves The New York Yankees Must Make

By Gavin Ewbank
New York Yankees
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It’s no secret that the New York Yankees are offensively challenged. They desperately need to do everything they can to pick up some bats on the market.

Over the past couple days, rumors have swirled around saying that the Yankees have been in talks to acquire Alfonso Soriano from the Chicago Cubs. He said that he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause if traded to the Yankees, but Soriano is nowhere near enough to fix the problem.

Sure, everyone talks about how the Yankees have reinforcements coming with all the currently injured players on their way back, but seriously, can you expect them to be huge contributors?

Alex Rodriguez is coming off his second, not first, but second hip surgery. Only god knows if we’ll ever actually see him again, and we can easily predict that A-Rod won’t produce anything close to what his contract might suggest he’s capable of giving you.

David Adams, Luis Cruz, Chris Nelson and Brent Lillibridge are reliable options at the hot corner. I’ve suggested in the past that Michael Young makes a great fit, but the Philadelphia Phillies aren’t selling, yet.

Curtis Granderson has played only eight games this season, coming off a broken bone in his left hand. Will The Grandy Man help the Yankees more than a Melky Mesa or Thomas Neal? That’s very likely. But when he’s not going deep, he’s striking out, leaving runners on base.

There may not be a lot of top market outfield bats on the trade market, but Alex Rios of the Chicago White Sox has been drawing a lot of interest, to go along with Nate Schierholtz of the Cubs and Justin Ruggiano of the Miami Marlins.

Mark Teixeira is out for the year, leaving Lyle Overbay as the only first baseman on the team. Listen, as much as Overbay has helped the Yankees, they need to find another first baseman that can platoon with him. He can’t hit lefties, yet sadly he’s run out to face every lefty because there’s no other option.

Some people have suggested that the Yankees should go after Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins, but the problem is that he’s also a lefty and Overbay is having better season, so he just doesn’t fit. With the White Sox struggling, many one of their players, including Paul Konerko, could be on the move.

Konerko would be a good fit for the Yankees. He a right-handed first baseman that can hit for power. He’s hitting .298 against lefties this season, and he’s 37-years-old! That’s perfect for the Yankees.

At catcher, Chris Stewart and Francisco Cervelli made a good combo for what it was. Letting go of Russell Martin was a mistake, and now it’s costing the Yankees. With Cervelli out, Austin Romine has become the backup and it’s not working out. While I’d like to see Cervelli come back, the Yankees need to make an actual move to find a new backstop.

As I mentioned, the Phillies aren’t ready to sell, but the more they struggle, the closer they’ll get to doing so. And when they decide to sell, Carlos Ruiz will be targeted and fits well with the Yankees. Ruiz’s batting average is way down from last year, but he’s hitting .350 against lefties this season – again, what the Yankees need.

We’re only a week away from the trading deadline and it’s unlikely that any injured Yankees will be back before then, so it’s time to make some moves. The AL East title may be out of reach, but a wild card berth is still very possible.

The Yankees aren’t out of contention yet, but could be within the next couple weeks if they don’t do anything to improve their ball club. Those improvements start with the players listed above.

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