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5 Best Gifts for Mariano Rivera on His Farewell Tour

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Mariano Rivera's 5 Best Gifts on His Farewell Tour

Mariano Rivera
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The New York Yankees’ legendary closer, Mariano Rivera, is having an astounding final year of his career. Before the season started, he announced that he would retire at the end of the year, regardless of the outcome. Being the living legend that he is, he has gotten the appreciation from opposing teams and their fans in what is his farewell tour.

It has been amazing to watch Rivera go into opposing ballparks and seeing the ovation the fans give him and the respect his opponents have for him. Sometimes, even after getting a save and securing a win for the Yankees, the fans still appreciate the greatness they have witnessed and clap politely. That’s not to mention the amount of flashes that occur when he takes the mound, which makes it seem like the first pitch of the World Series. It’s just great to see that people appreciate what Rivera has brought to the game on and off the field, regardless of team affiliation.

As did Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves last year, Rivera is getting the recognition that he deserves from every ballpark that he visits. Teams try to be creative with the gifts that they give, some being much more imaginative than others. Mo being as classy as he is, only asked for donations to his foundation, the Mariano Rivera Foundation; some teams did only give money to his foundation, but there were a few great gift ideas that were given out when Rivera visited their ballparks for the last time of his career.

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#5 Detroit Tigers' Gift

Mariano Rivera
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The Detroit Tigers gave Mariano Rivera a plaque with photos of Rivera pitching in both Comerica Park and Tigers Stadium, plus a glass bottle filled with dirt from each park next to the corresponding picture.

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#4 Texas Rangers' Gift

Mariano Rivera
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The Texas Rangers gave Mariano Rivera a cowboy hat as well as cowboy boots engraved with his name and number. They also donated $5,000 to Rivera’s foundation.

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#3 New York Mets' Gift

Mariano Rivera
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The New York Mets and the NYFD presented Mariano Rivera with a fireman call box and hose nozzle, symbolizing him being the “ultimate fireman.” They also let Rivera throw out the first pitch to their legendary closer and Hall of Famer, John Franco.

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#2 Oakland Athletics' Gift

Mariano Rivera
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The Oakland Athletics gave Mariano Rivera a personalized surfboard, with his name and number inscribed on it. They also gave him a bottle of wine with his number and a special design engraved on it as well as donating $10,042 to his foundation, with the 42 at the end symbolizing his number.

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#1 Minnesota Twins' Gift

Mariano Rivera
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The Minnesota Twins presented Mariano Rivera with a rocking chair made of broken bats, representing all the bats that Mo has broken with his patented cutter. They also donated $10,000 to his foundation.