Chicago Cubs Trade Alfonso Soriano to New York Yankees, Finally Move on From Slugger

By Andrew Fisher

The Chicago Cubs have traded Alfonso Soriano to the New York Yankees, in a move that should benefit both teams. The Yankees are currently seven games back in the highly competitive AL East and they need all the bats they can get down the stretch. Soriano can play the outfield, DH for a day or just be a pinch hitter if needed. He’s hot right now and it’s only appropriate that he goes back to his first team as an aging veteran.

As far as the Cubs are concerned, they flat out need prospects. Building the farm system is the name of the game and they’ve done an excellent job in that department as of late. With the Matt Garza deal landing the team several prospects, this deal is expected to land them another mid-level prospect as well.

Trading Soriano is more about moving on than anything else. The Cubs are going to eat a substantial portion of the remaining $25 million that’s owed to the slugger, so there’s not really any financial incentive behind the deal. This trade is about out with the old and in with the new. Soriano was pretty good during his time in Chicago, but he was never the player the Cubs thought they were getting.

To me, this trade should have happened a year or two ago, but in Soriano’s defense – he’s been one of Chicago’s best bats over the past two seasons.

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