Cincinnati Reds Doing Right to Build Organization without Trades

By David Miller
Joey Votto
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So many teams are making noise on the rumor mill of Major League Baseball that you get the idea that everyone is craving the top trade prospects but that isn’t true. The Cincinnati Reds are a team that isn’t worried at all about the trade deadline. They have whispered about a player or pitcher here and there but you can count on one thing about the Reds. They will not trade away top prospects for temporary talent and they shouldn’t.

It has taken a few years but the Reds have themselves in a situation now where they don’t dare risk the fine and deep organization they have built even for a chance at playing slightly better down the stretch. This isn’t the first year they have considered that their policy either. Consider the names that could have been traded prospects before they got to the MLB level.

Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman and Joey Votto are all players that first signed with the Reds. Just think how easy it would have been to trade two or more of them away for a player that would be long gone by now. Years ago the Atlanta Braves traded a pitcher away for a temporary fix that didn’t pan out. The young prospect they sent to the St. Louis Cardinals was Adam Wainwright. Yeah, you get the point I’m sure. The Reds do not want that to happen to them and they are successfully avoiding it this year as they have for the last several years.

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