Detroit Tigers Rumors: Perfect Timing for Giancarlo Stanton Trade

By Brent Smith
Chris Humphreys- USA TODAY Sports

Over the last few years it has seemed like the Miami Marlins are the sister club of the Detroit Tigers. The two have been comfortable trade partners although the results of those trades have heavily leaned toward the Tigers (Miguel Cabrera anyone?). Well the Marlins have another piece that the Tigers could really use, and the timing really couldn’t be better for a trade to take place in this next week. Giancarlo Stanton has struggled this season coming back from injury, and while that may sound troubling in a potential deal, the recent struggles could bring his price back down to a level where the Tigers can go for it.

At just 23 years-old Stanton has shown that he could be one of the best hitters in baseball. He is also athletic on defense and a true all-around big time star that has already proven himself in the Major Leagues. The price will still be steep, but Stanton is on a cheap contract and signed for three to four more years making him an easy person to keep if the right trade doesn’t come along. There has been no team like the Tigers who are willing to trade can’t miss prospects so that they can grab the best on the field talent they can.

This strategy has worked for the Tigers pretty flawlessly over the years. Even in trades where the player they acquired didn’t pan out as much as they hoped like Edgar Renteria or Gary Sheffield, the prospects that fans were outraged in trading turned out to do absolutely nothing all of these years since. When it has worked out it has paid off in the biggest ways possible acquiring Miguel Cabrera, Doug Fister, Omar Infante, Jhonny Peralta and Anibal Sanchez for a price that resembles an extreme couponer.

No doubt Dave Dombroski has thrived in trades over his years with the Tigers, and now would be the biggest time to get that extra piece that could land the Tigers the World Series. Some will complain about trading prospects like Nick Castellanos as they complained about trading Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin or Jacob Turner. Odds say that trading this many big time prospects will eventually mean letting a big star go. I just know that Giancarlo Stanton is already the player we could only hope Nick Castellanos is one day. Now is the perfect time to make the big move and set the Tigers apart. Now is the time for Giancarlo Stanton in a Detroit Tigers uniform.

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