Houston Astros Rumors: Odd Silence around Team as Trade Deadline Nears

By David Miller
Bud Norris
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As the MLB trade deadline approaches the formula seems fairly clear. A team that is playing well and competing is usually a big buyer and wants to add as much talent to the current roster as possible to try and make the post-season. A team that has played poorly and has no chance at the post-season usually is a seller at the deadline so that they can unload salary and build prospects for the future. That is simple enough. The Houston Astros are bucking that trend however.

They have had one of the worst records in MLB all season long. Struggle doesn’t even begin to describe them when you look at their record. As the deadline gets closer however, there is little talk of a trade for anyone other than starting pitcher Bud Norris. Norris has been on the list of a lot of teams including the Atlanta Braves and several others. Chances are if Jake Peavy goes off of the market before the deadline, Norris might get more attention.

Other than him though, there has been little or nothing going on. I think it goes back to a different team philosophy for the Astros. They are building and planning for the future without trading away either future or present. Honestly, for the Astros, the future is now. That sounds like a cliché but as they continue to call up fresh talent in the second half, there is a clear indication that they don’t really want to trade anyone away. Their future is literally now because their roster is so young.

They might release someone or send someone to the minors but there are few players that seem to be veteran enough to really fit the trade market mold. That is okay for the Astros as it just means they will continue to work on their franchise in house. Success might take a year or so longer that way but it certainly will stick around longer when it does come.

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