MLB Trade Deadline: Biggest Name On Los Angeles Dodgers' Radar

By Reece Helms
Jake Peavy
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Trade Deadline is almost here, and almost every team is involved in some way either as a seller or buyer. The Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be the latter as they are currently 1.5 games ahead in the NL West. That is no comfy lead, and could change in a blink of an eye, meaning the Dodgers might want to consider adding a few more pieces to their puzzle.

On Thursday afternoon, the Dodgers sent out a scout to U.S. Cellular Field, as Jake Peavy was making a start against the Detroit Tigers. Why would they send a scout there? Maybe to check Peavy out and see if he’s worth trading for — that’s just a guess.

This season, Peavy has a 8-4 record which is pretty good, but here comes the bad part: he has a 4.28 ERA. The bright side is that we know Peavy is capable of much greater things, as we saw last season when he had a 3.37 ERA despite an 11-12 record. Adding another starter couldn’t hurt the Dodgers, but there is something they need more than that … bullpen help.

How bad is the bullpen, you might ask? They rank seventh-worst in save percentage and 10th worst in ERA. Brandon League, who has been a big part of their bullpen, has a 5.45 ERA, which is downright awful. Closer Kenley Jansen has done a good job, but more help couldn’t hurt. A potential candidate is Milwaukee Brewers relief pitchers John Axford or Jim Henderson.

This season, Axford has a 3.38 ERA while Henderson has a 2.15 ERA. Based off of that, I would take Henderson, but either one will help the Dodgers. We aren’t sure if the Brewers want to give them up, but considering they are dead last in the division, they should at least consider it.

Though relief pitching is a bigger need for the Dodgers, Jake Peavy is the biggest name on the Dodgers’ radar.

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