MLB Trade Deadline: Biggest Name On Oakland Athletics' Radar

By Reece Helms
Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLB trade deadline looming, one of the teams that appears to be a “buyer” at the deadline is the Oakland Athletics. The A’s are currently three games ahead of the Texas Rangers in the AL West. That is not a safe lead, and the A’s need to explore the possibility of acquiring a starting pitcher.

One potential move the A’s could make is trading for Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris, who has a 3.93 ERA with a 6-9 record this season. Considering Norris plays for the Astros, six wins isn’t too shabby. He would be a nice addition to the A’s and they could use his services.

Probably the biggest name on Oakland’s radar is Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy. On Thursday, the A’s sent out a scout to U.S. Cellular Field as Peavy was making a start against the Detroit Tigers. Peavy has an 8-4 record, but it comes with a 4.28 ERA. In his last start on Thursday, he went seven inning, gave up four runs and also finished with seven strikeouts in which may have been his final start with the White Sox.

Though adding either would be a great move for the A’s, Peavy is the biggest name on their radar. He is also wanted by a lot of other teams, making it less likely that he could end up in Oakland. Norris would be a good plan B for the A’s.

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