MLB Trade Deadline: Biggest Name on the Cleveland Indians' Radar

By Reece Helms
Justin Masterson
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Cleveland Indians are currently three games behind the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central, and are also three games behind in the AL Wild Card race, trailing the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles. The Indians are going to need all hands on deck, and might have to add a few more pieces. Well, they’re in luck. The MLB Trade Deadline is coming up, and there’s no better time to trade than now.

An area the Indians could use some help in is starting pitching. Considering they are 21st in team ERA and 24th in WHIP, they could definitely use some help in that area. A potential trade the Indians could make is with the Milwaukee Brewers for ace Yovani Gallardo, who has had a rough time as of late, but he would be a nice and possibly buy-low trade for the Indians.

Well, Gallardo hasn’t been an ace this season, but that shouldn’t stop the Cleveland Indians from trading for him. He has a 4.88 ERA and 8-9 record. Those stats in no way prove that he is an ace, but has been in the past. Last year, Gallardo had 16 wins with a 3.66 ERA, and the previous season he finished with 17 wins and a 3.52 ERA.

Now if the Indians are trading for that Gallardo, its a good move. This year, he obviously hasn’t been that with his high ERA and that is unacceptable. If he can turn it around, however, he would fill a big hole in the Indians’ roster. Pairing Gallardo up with ace Justin Masterson would be a nice one-two punch, assuming Gallardo can turn it around.

It’s a high risk, high reward move, but it’s something I would at least consider. Trading for Gallardo now would be doing the buy-low method, which is something I would do. Being three games behind the Tigers for the division is a good enough place to be in, but Cleveland doesn’t want to stop there. A trade for Gallardo would help the Indians, and he is currently the biggest name on their radar.

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