New York Yankees Should Use Alex Rodriguez While They Can

By David Fouty
Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have ended up in a bit of a pickle and could do themselves some good if they did everything they could to get out of it.

The Yankees are in the thick of a division race and just three games out of the wild card, all despite the fact they have been missing some of their top players due to injuries. Alex Rodriguez is one of those players, and while he may not be around for long, the Yankees would be better off using him while they can.

Yankees third basemen have combined for just four home runs and 27 RBIs all season, and Rodriguez hasn’t stepped on the field for a second. They signed Kevin Youkillis as a backup plan, but he too has been sidelined by injury and has only appeared in 28 games this season.

The Yankees would be better off playing through the distraction of having Rodriguez on the field, and getting all the offensive production they possibly could out of the third base position.

Scoring runs has been difficult for them, and they need to consider the fact they can still be a factor in the postseason if they put their best foot forward. They’ve have scored two runs or fewer in nine games since July 7.  Their team batting average has them ranked 25th in MLB and only six teams have hit fewer home runs, despite the fact they play in a hitter-friendly ball park.

They should take what they can get while they still can. He ay not be around for long, but the Yankees would be better off with Rodriguez in the lineup if they want to win baseball games.

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