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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Potential MLB Trade Deadline Deals

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5 Potential Deadline Trades For Philadelphia Phillies

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If the Philadelphia Phillies are buyers, which looks more doubtful with each day, the question becomes whether they should go to one of those pricey shopping centers or the neighborhood dollar store.

If they go low-end, they could end up with a career .245 hitter like Chris Dickerson or go higher-end with names their fans will actually recognize. Smart money says they do something minor along those lines, but trade a couple of their veteran players to get younger.

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. says the Philles could be buyers or they could be sellers, which is a little like the weather guy saying it could rain tomorrow or not. At the beginning of the week, Amaro was saying the Phillies would likely be buyers. Last night, he adjusted that to “we’re keeping an open mind” after being swept by the Cardinals, only the second time the Phillies have been swept this season (the first came in April against the Reds).

The sad truth for Amaro and the rest of the Phillies is that mediocrity has been their middle name for a while. They were 81-81 last year and entered the All-Star break this year with a 48-48 record. Even if they go on a “little” run (they’ve been proven incapable of making big runs), it’s not likely they’ll get far above .500 or even to .500 at all. They do have some veteran pieces and, although Amaro denies it, these are the most likely trades among the current rumors involving the Phillies:

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John Mayberry Jr. and Jake Diekman to Mets for Marlon Byrd

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Since Byrd is an upgrade now in center for the Phillies, Amaro would have to sweeten the pot to make this happen. Throwing in a young lefty with Diekman’s arm just might be enough sugar to pull this off. This is the least likely of the five to happen since the Mets avoid trades within the NL East.

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Jonathan Papelbon to Tigers for outfielder Nick Castellanos

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The Detroit Tigers need a closer and a .500 team like the Phillies don’t. Castellanos’ path to the Tigers is blocked because he is a converted third baseman and hasn’t quite perfected the outfield switch. The Phils could use his bat and a dump of Papelbon’s four-year, $50 million contract.

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Chris Dickerson from Orioles for "player to be named"

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Dickerson was designated for assignment by the Baltimore Orioles earlier this week, so they aren’t married to him. He’s a left-handed hitting outfielder and the Phillies need help in center field for the right-handed John Mayberry Jr. This is the most likely trade of the five and the Phils can get him for slightly more than a bag of balls.

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Carlos Ruiz to Tigers for Bruce Rondon

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The Tigers and Reds are two contending teams in need of catching help, so if the Phillies can get those two teams in a bidding war for Ruiz, they could come out of this with Rondon. Ruiz’s backup Erik Kratz is more than capable of holding down the fort this year until Brian McCann of the Braves becomes a free agent next year. The Phillies would have to back up the Brinks truck to sign McCann, but they have more than enough money to do so.

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Michael Young to Yankees for Joba Chamberlain

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The Yankees have had only three home runs by right-handed hitters over the two months, and Young is a proven right-handed hitter with some pop in his bat. The Yankees are dying to get rid of Chamberlain and the Phillies need eighth-inning pitching help.