Ervin Santana’s Idea to Add Dodgeball Game to MLB All-Star Week is Brilliant

By Isaac Comelli
Ervin Santana
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, MLB’s All-Star Week is filled with fun events for fans and players alike. From the Legends and Celebrities Softball game, which happens to be one of my favorite parts, to the fan-favorite Home Run Derby to the All-Star Game itself, there is an abundance of interesting things to take part in or watch.

Shortly after the 2013 MLB All-Star Week, the Kansas City Royals’ pitcher Ervin Santana tweeted what I believe could be the perfect addition:

The Home Run Derby, as I said before, is easily the fan-favorite event. Nothing gets a crowd of baseball fans going like the long ball and that is exactly what happens for a few hours straight in this affair. But why are we as baseball fans giving the big hitters another moment of glory, yet casting aside the workhorses of the starting rotations and bullpens?

I believe that Santana is spot on with this idea of adding a pitchers’ dodgeball game to the All-Star Week. Just as the Home Run Derby does so much for communities and charities, MLB could format the dodgeball game in a way that benefits not only the fans and players, but also the foundations and organizations which stand behind them.

In discussing this idea with a friend, I received some great suggestions for how to implement this. One possible scenario could include a monetary prize for charity, say, $10,000, to each pitcher who participates – we all know how concerned managers and owners are about their players getting hurt – and a larger prize to any pitcher remaining at the end of the game. A financial contribution can be made to the winning side’s foundation of choice and I even threw around the idea of awarding individual pitchers based on the number of opponents they managed to knock out.

With all of the love hitters get during All-Star Week, it would be great to see the pitchers jump in on the action. A dodgeball game could be the perfect way to do this.

AL pitchers, remember to stay away from Aroldis Chapman. He has been documented at throwing 105 MPH. Even with a rubber dodgeball, you do not want to take one of those off the body or head!

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