Kansas City Royals Rumors: Should Not Trade Ervin Santana

By David Miller
Ervin Santana
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Ervin Santana could be a 2014 free agent if he doesn’t sign a deal with a Major League Baseball team. Currently that allows the Kansas City Royals to shop him on the trade market to see if they can get value back for him instead of possibly losing him in the winter for nothing. It is something that is very common in MLB but the Royals shouldn’t do it. Word is the price is very high from the Royals but it shouldn’t be high. There should be no price at all except for the price on the contract that offer him.

The Royals current winning streak is due in main part to one key factor: their pitching. A team with great pitching that performs up to their potential is never out of a pennant race until it’s all over. That is the Royals right now. Their winning streak could reach double-digits and they could suddenly be on the doorstep of second place and the division lead again. All it takes is a little bit of hitting when your staff pitches great. That is exactly why they cannot trade this man.

There is a chance that the Royals could sign him in the off-season and any chance at all of that means they should hold on to him. Do not send away one of the better pitchers on the staff just because you might not be able to sign him. Instead, make signing him a huge priority so that even after this year the Royals can be known as one of the better pitching staffs in the major leagues.

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