Max Scherzer Goes For Historic 15-1 Record

By Brent Smith
Pool Photo- USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer isn’t perfect, but he has been as close this season as you can be.

Tonight he has a chance to make it 15-1, becoming the first Detroit Tigers pitcher to accomplish that since at least 1919 and with the way things are going for the Philadelphia Phillies, there is pretty good reason to believe he will get there. Cliff Lee was originally slated to go up against Scherzer which would have set up an incredible showdown between two All-Stars, but Lee was scratched from his start due to a stiff neck.

Injuries are something both the Phillies and Tigers can sympathize with each other about as both team’s lineups this weekend are just a shell of what they would have been if both teams were healthy.

Omar Infante looks like he is going to miss significant time and can only hope he doesn’t need surgery for his injured ankle, Torii Hunter and Miguel Cabrera are both suffering minor injuries, but both need to rest to ensure that those minor injuries don’t become major injuries.

It has forced the Tigers to get creative scoring runs, depending on a surprisingly hot bottom of the order including guys like Brayan Pena, Hernan Perez and last night Alex Avila.

The Tigers are 7-1 without Miguel Cabrera since 2009 and while it’s not time to start thinking life without Cabrera is better, it does speak to how batters like those at the bottom of the order start to step up more because they don’t have Miguel Cabrera to be their superhero.

No doubt the Tigers are a better team with Cabrera, but it doesn’t hurt for a few days for others to start stepping up and wake up from the lull they have been in. We can only hope Cabrera is healthy enough to play tonight because we can’t count on absolutely brilliant starts every night like Doug Fister gave the Tigers Friday night, but if anyone could it would be Max Scherzer.

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