The Toronto Blue Jays Have Some Problems To Solve

By Christopher Renshall
Blue Jays During Better Times
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays have been playing terrible baseball.  I have tried my hardest to look for all the positive and enjoyable moments baseball has to offer, however, I have decided to lift the ban on pondering bad baseball and decided to take a realistic look back on this season so that I can later laugh at how bad this team has underperformed.

The great thing about baseball is that there is not a long wait to make up for a bad game. When Jose Bautista has a bad game one day, he has been able to come back the next day and hit a 460 foot jack to win the game. This is why I love baseball.   Even within a single game, Colby Rasmus has struck out with men on base in the second inning, and has come back in the eighth and connected on a bases clearing double.

The Blue Jays look like they will never win again this season.  Beyond a good game by one guy in one game, this team has been playing terrible.  Most of the roster has underperformed since the start of the season and of the five starting pitchers, only JA Happ has a .500 record and he has not thrown in a major league game since May 7.

The rest of the starting rotation had been injured or has a sub .500 record.  Moving on to the bullpen, formerly a bright spot on the Blue Jays team, they have been giving up runs in bunches and have found a way to remove any confidence I have in the Blue Jays keeping a lead during the odd occasion where the offense scores some runs.

The offense has been sporadic at best, showing their full potential in a few games since the start of the season. Unfortunately, injuries and bad play have prevented this line up from building any sort of momentum.

Watching Blue Jays baseball this season has been very difficult and quite discouraging, however, the issues haven’t solely been on the field.  Off the field, injuries have kept talented players off the major league roster.  Happ should be coming back soon, but he will be returning to a team that is too far out of the playoffs to make a difference.

Brandon Morrow has been lost for the rest of the season with nerve issues in his arm.  Sergio Santos has been throwing rehab innings in the minors, but who knows how long he will stay healthy when he rejoins the big boys.  Since Santos became a member of the Blue Jays for the start of the 2012 season, he has thrown 9.1 innings for the major league club.

Santos has thrown 9.2 innings of rehab assignments in the Blue Jays minor league system. I may be more fan than expert, but it doesn’t seem the Santos trade has worked out the way Alex Anthopoulos envisioned.

With all of these problems facing the Blue Jays, where will the team go from here?  The current player roster is the same roster that will take the Blue Jays into the 2014 season. Will this roster play as bad next season? Will the key players stay healthy for any reasonable amount of time? And how many more All-Star years can the team expect to see from Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion?

These are all questions the management, coaching staff and owners are probably already mulling over.

The most unfortunate and disheartening part has been that the excitement and buzz the Blue Jays created going into this season seems to have completely degraded to fear that this team is “fatally” flawed with no solution in sight.  With all that being said, I have been and will always be a Toronto Blue Jays fan to the core. So when is the next Blue Jays game? I love baseball!

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