5 Possible Trade Deadline Targets for the Pittsburgh Pirates

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Five Mock Trades Involving Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are in second place in the National League Central division and have a very comfortable lead in the Wild Card standings. The MLB trade deadline is just four days away, and the Pirates have yet to make a move.

While I do think the Pirates will make some type of move, I don’t think they will make a blockbuster type deal. A likely scenario for the Pirates will be for them to acquire a bench bat and/or a bullpen pitcher. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it, right?

If you think mock trades around the trade deadline are fun, then you don’t know what fun is. There is so much that goes into making mock trades. Determining value of the players you are acquiring and the value of players you are giving up are the biggest factors.

There is also a fun aspect to reading mock trades made up by other people. You know, the “my team is giving up way too much!” crowd and the “you can’t possibly expect us to trade him for a bunch of prospects!” people.

Part of the fun of making mock trades is getting reactions from people who read them. Whenever you finish reading this, I’m fully expecting a bunch of thoughts in the comments section blasting me because I made up awful trades. It just wouldn’t be a mock trade article without the author being put on blast. I hope you enjoy it; but don’t enjoy it too much, get angry.

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Giancarlo Stanton

Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

Pirates receive- Giancarlo Stanton

Marlins receive- Jameson Taillon, Alen Hanson, Nick Kingham and Tony Sanchez

The Pirates would do this deal because it is bringing them control until 2016 of the best power hitter in all of MLB and it fixes their right field issue.

The Marlins should do this, but I don't think they would, because it gives them a potential future ace, as well as a good future offensive-minded shortstop. Kingham has the potential to be a number two pitcher in any rotation, and Sanchez is MLB ready right now.

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Justin Morneau

Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

Pirates receive- Justin Morneau

Twins receive- Casey Sadler

The Pirates would do this because it gives them a better left-handed first base option than Garrett Jones, and it adds to the bench by placing Jones on the bench. It also makes right field better because Jones could have more chances to play in the outfield.

The Twins probably would be underwhelmed by this offer, but it really is what Morneau is worth at this point. Sadler is a C ranked pitching prospect, and while he won't be an ace, he could eventually develop into a solid pitcher.

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Bud Norris

Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

Pirates receive- Bud Norris

Astros receive- Josh Bell, Andy Oliver

This is the first trade that I think the Pirates are overpaying a bit. Josh Bell has great power potential, but the Pirates have a ton of outfield depth in the minor leagues. Andy Oliver is having awful command issues this season with literally almost as many walks as innings pitched.

Bud Norris would give the Pirates a solid back-end of the rotation starter for a few years before he can become a free agent.

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Alex Rios

Kelvin Kuo-USA Today Sports

Pirates receive- Alex Rios (White Sox eat half of Rios's contract)

White Sox receive- Josh Bell, Casey Sadler, Andy Oliver

The Pirates would only give up Bell or someone with the value of Bell if the White Sox eat up a lot of the contract owed to Rios over the next year and a half.

Rios isn't a huge upgrade for the Pirates, but he definitely does provide more power and speed in right field than Jose Tabata is bringing.

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Kendrys Morales

Steven Bisig-USA Today Sports

Pirates receive- Kendrys Morales

Mariners receive- Clay Holmes, Brandon Cumpton

Morales' value is definitely hurt because he would only be a two-month rental player. Holmes is a high C, low B prospect and Cumpton is a C prospect that has MLB experience already. Cumpton's upside is a fourth or fifth starter.