Baltimore Orioles Rumors: Jake Peavy a Potential Trade Target?

By Christopher Gamble
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


The Baltimore Orioles are only 4.5 games out of first place in the American League East and are currently one of two wild card leaders. The Orioles recently acquired Scott Feldman from the Chicago Cubs and Francisco Rodriguez from the Milwaukee Brewers and are rumored to be looking into Chicago White Sox pitcher and former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy.

The Orioles were long rumored to be reluctant to add payroll or part with their young prospects but Peter Angelos is ready to add payroll to help give his team the extra boost it needs to make it to the next level and make a potential run to the World Series. Jon Heyman has reported that the Orioles might be willing to part with a prospect or two and take on payroll.

The Orioles are serious about making a run this season. They are already in good position to make the playoffs but with the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays and even a diminished New York Yankees team all within range of either first place or a wild card spot the Orioles are not sitting back and letting it ride.

Adding Peavy, 32, a pitcher who the Red Sox are reportedly interested in as well, would be a major shot across the bows of the other teams in the AL East. Peavy has come back from injury and has made his last two starts, both wins. In those two starts he has been solid but far from spectacular, although he did strike out seven in an 8-4 win over the Detroit Tigers but he did give up all four runs.

Still, Peavy is a veteran pitcher with a Cy Young under his belt and still has the ability to headline a staff. He is 8-4 this season and has pitched to a 4.28 ERA and 1.13 WHIP with 76 strikeouts in 80 inning across 13 starts.

Adding Peavy could be a smart move for the Orioles, depending, of course, on who the Orioles have to give up. Given the potential bidding war that might take place over Peavy it is very likely that the price will be high.

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