Baltimore Orioles Rumors: Team Checking in on Justin Morneau to Fill DH Role?

By Christopher Gamble
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


With the Baltimore Orioles currently holding one of the wild card spots and coming off of their first playoff appearance since 1997 they are looking to fortify their team to make a deeper run in the playoffs this season. They have already acquired Scott Feldman and Francisco Rodriguez and are rumored to be interested in Jake Peavy but now they are rumored to be looking around the Minnesota Twins and checking in on first baseman Justin Morneau.

The Orioles already have Chris Davis at first but could easily plug Morneau, 32, into the DH slot where he would add an extra bat to the lineup with Davis, Adam Jones, Manny Machado, Nick Markakis and Nate McClouth.

The Twins have not shown any interest in actively shopping Morneau so far but that hasn’t stopped teams from calling them and inquiring about the availability of the impending free agent. At the same time, the Twins haven’t appeared too interested in discussing an extension with the former MVP.

The Orioles sent a scout last week to check in on the Twins when they played the Seattle Mariners. If Mike Morse had been healthy and playing I am sure the Orioles would have been looking at him as well but they probably looked at Kendrys Morales and Oliver Perez while they were there.

The Orioles are not accustomed to be buyers at the deadline. It wasn’t until recently that Peter Angelos gave the green light to add more payroll, sensing that this Orioles could make a run in a wide open American League. The Orioles have been reluctant to part with their top prospects but a trade for two months of Morneau probably wouldn’t cost the Orioles too much in terms of prospects unless the Twins get multiple offers. A week ago the New York Yankees called the Twins about Morneau but there doesn’t appear to be much behind that call aside from the Yankees doing there due diligence.

The Orioles would probably like to add a bat and a starter to ensure they hold off any challengers to their grip on the wild card. The Yankees recently tried to turn around their offensive troubles by acquiring Alfonso Soriano and the Boston Red Sox are looking for help as well.

The Orioles look like they aren’t going to sit this trade deadline out and will search for the best fit to help take them to the next level.

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