Houston Astros Rumors: Bo Porter has Right Outlook on Trade Rumors

By David Miller
Jose Veras
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros manager Bo Porter is without a doubt one of the better young managers in Major League Baseball. I believe that part of being able to manage a baseball team correctly and confidently is being able to trust the management in the team’s office to do the right thing. Porter has that in Astros’ GM Jeff Luhnow. He knows that if a deal is made with one of his players, Luhnow will get a great deal in return or the deal won’t be made.

Luhnow isn’t perfect but he and the office of the Astros have shown this season and through the off-season that they definitely have the best future in mind with the deals they make. Porter knowing this is able to relay his simple and calm philosophy to his players for dealing with the rumors. He simple says for them not to worry about it. Go out and play and let that take care of itself, he suggests.

Obviously that is easier said than done but that doesn’t make it wrong. Many veteran players seem to be able to go out and perform the same if not at a higher level during trade rumor season and I think this attitude is why. Whether or not Bud Norris or reliever Jose Veras will be able to simply go out and focus on their game and forget the rumors is up to them. If they can then you can bet they will get a better deal if they go somewhere.

That would be best for the Astros because as I’m sure Porter can trust, Luhnow won’t make a deal with either Norris or Veras without getting a good value in return. Otherwise of course they could just keep them. There is a good chance both will be traded somewhere though. Whatever they decide to do, you can believe that the Astros will not come out on the short end of the deal.

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