Miami Marlins Rumors: Right to Ignore Offers for Giancarlo Stanton

By David Miller
Giancarlo Stanton
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it is the Texas Rangers or the Pittsburgh Pirates or countless other teams, many are showing interest in the Miami Marlins during the MLB trade season. As the trade deadline approaches, no matter how many times the Marlins are approached bout Giancarlo Stanton; they turn away the trade offers. That is exactly what they should do. There is not one reason on planet Earth that the Marlins should consider trading Stanton; none.

This isn’t a perennial all-star, 30 year old outfielder in the last year of his first contract. Stanton is only 23 years old. Though he has been to the all-star game once already, most of his great years are in front of him. Most big talent that is traded through this time of the year turns out to be because they are about to be a free-agent or for some other reason the current team doesn’t think they can keep him.

That is so far from the case with Stanton that it is laughable. Arbitration is coming for certain but years, yes plural, of team control are left in the case of Stanton. He isn’t even eligible to be a free agent until the year 2017. He won’t make $1 million dollars this season. Why on Earth would the Marlins trade one of the best young players in the major leagues when they have zero risk of losing him? Why would they?

All the rumors that point otherwise I assume are false because this team would have to be completely insane to trade Stanton. It should not happen for years yet and maybe not then. You know the Marlins are supposed to be building a winner for the future. That means eventually they will start to lock up strong talent for long contracts. Hello, Stanton is that guy.

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