Miami Marlins' Tino Martinez Had No Choice But to Resign After Alleged Incident With Player

By Andrew Fisher
Tino Martinez
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Most people know Tino Martinez from his days with the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees in the 1990’s. He was a very solid player on the field as a first baseman and a good stick at the plate, hitting .271 over his 16-year career. Martinez has stayed busy following his retirement in 2005, working as a color commentator among other various baseball jobs – but it looks like his first season in MLB as a coach has come to an end.

Martinez was the Miami Marlins hitting coach until Sunday, when he resigned amidst allegations he abused a player. The incident reportedly took place earlier in the season when he grabbed second baseman Derek Dietrich by the neck after a batting session. The alleged incident went unreported until recently, when Dietrich spilled the beans as he was being demoted to Triple-A.

It’s also being reported that Martinez offered to resign right away once the allegations became known to Marlins’ management, but that he was told it wouldn’t be necessary by team owner Jeffrey Loria. Obviously though, something changed (probably the public’s knowledge of the situation), because now Martinez has officially resigned.

Unfortunately, this incident with Dietrich is said not to be the only one Martinez had with team members. Other players have now reportedly spoken up and said that he was verbally abusive and would often go-off using lots of profanity.

So it appears that Martinez may have a bit of a temper. Maybe things were different when he broke into the big leagues, but it’s 2013 now. You can barely make a negative comment towards someone and keep your job, let alone allegedly grabbing someone by the neck. If these allegations are true, which they seem to be, there was no decision to make besides having him step down.


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