Milwaukee Brewers Legend Paul Molitor Can Relate to Ryan Braun on Certain Level

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Brewers Legend Paul Molitor Can Relate to Ryan Braun on Certain Level
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Famer and former Milwaukee Brewers infielder Paul Molitor dealt with his own embarrassments from his legendary career. For that reason, the seven-time MLB All-Star can relate to slugger Ryan Braun on a certain level. In fact, he even feels for Braun because he went through something somewhat similar.

Molitor had a bit of a drug problem early on in his career. He used marijuana and cocaine on a consistent basis in his first few seasons with the Brewers. Thankfully, he was able to overcome his addiction and gave up the drugs for good in 1981, one year before Milwaukee made their memorable run to the World Series.

“For me personally, it brings back times when I had my own troubles, how difficult it was, the embarrassment, the remorse,” Molitor said, according to “I know it’s tough. As far as the fans are concerned, Milwaukee fans feel a personal connection with their players. If you’re playing for us, you’re one of us. There’s a lot of disappointment.

“Anytime you get busted, if you will, if your weaknesses become public, you have a tendency to only acknowledge things as they come out, instead of trying to get out in front of it. In hindsight, from the beginning, I wish I had been more honest about some of the problems I had with recreational drugs.”

Obviously, Braun’s predicament is far more serious as far as professional baseball is concerned. Not only did he allegedly use performance-enhancing drugs and cheat at the game he gets paid over $100 million to play, but he also lied to everyone who would listen.

Molitor believes Braun can still come back and be good for the people of Milwaukee if he takes the necessary steps. Years down the road, he could even “be one of those guys to educate young people.” For now, the left fielder will have to take it one step at a time to repair his shattered image.

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