Minnesota Twins Rumors: It is Right time for Justin Morneau to Move On

By David Miller
Justin Morneau
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Morneau isn’t quite the draw he would have been a few years ago on the trade market but at the MLB trade deadline the Minnesota Twins will probably officially move on and trade their first baseman. Morneau has been one of the best players in the last several years for the Twins and an MVP caliber talent for most of his career. He appears to be on the down side of his better seasons with the Twins and the time is right for them to move him.

Chances are that the best thing for Morneau as well will be a change of scenery. He likes it in Minnesota but it has to be a plus feeling to think he might soon have a chance at playing post-season baseball. A few teams that have been rumored to be interested are the Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays. Either of these would be good choices as even though the Blue Jays aren’t quite in the thick of a pennant race yet, Morneau is a Canada native.

For the Twins part, there is little reason to think they would really offer Morneau what he wanted this off-season. They have the players in their system and on the roster to make up for him not being there anymore. Chances are that the Twins and Morneau will be better off after a trade and the Twins will get something back for him as well. Whoever he goes to should have a decent chance at signing him for 2014 since he will likely demand less money than he would have three years ago. This is the year. If they don’t move him now they will likely regret it this winter.

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