Oakland Athletics Rumors: Is Jake Peavy a Trade Target for Billy Beane?

By Christopher Gamble
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


The Oakland Athletics are facing the potential loss of their best starting pitcher, Bartolo Colon, to suspension and are right in the thick of the playoff race. The Athletics are currently six games ahead of the Texas Rangers who recently added Matt Garza and are still looking for help on offense. The A’s, however, don’t seem to be content standing pat. General manager Billy Beane is scouring the trade market and seems highly interested in Chicago White Sox starter Jake Peavy.

Jake Peavy is expected to be moved before the deadline. There have even been reports that Peavy’s locker was cleaned out, leading many to believe that a trade could be announced at any moment. There has been no further news about Peavy’s being on the move but there are still several teams who have been linked to the right-hander and former NL Cy Young Award winner. The Baltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves and even the Boston Red Sox have all been linked to Peavy.

The Athletics might stand the best chance of landing Peavy at this time. Beane can be very good at getting what he needs at the trade deadline and it looks like he might have the go-ahead on adding some payroll.

It is the payroll that can be the biggest hurdle when it comes to the Athletics. The A’s history of financial troubles is well documented so the window for adding payroll can close at any time. However, right now it seems like the A’s are trying to add a starter to take the place of Colon should he get suspended which is very likely. The A’s can’t afford to lose Colon while trying to hold onto their lead in the AL West, at least not without adding another pitcher.

If Peavy costs too much in terms of money and prospects the A’s could move on to another pitcher like Bud Norris of the Houston Astros although the Astros might have some reservations about dealing Norris within the division but if they get what they want in terms of prospects I don’t think there would be too many hurdles to have to jump over.

One thing seems certain; the A’s will be active leading up to the deadline. They might not get a deal done but it won’t be for lack of trying. Right now, all eyes are on Peavy and the A’s and at the current moment there is a high possibility a deal gets done.

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