Alex Rodriguez Has New York Yankees Right Where He Wants Them

By Ryan Gaydos
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Since his poor performance in the MLB playoffs last year, the immediate speculation was that the New York Yankees were going to seek a trade for third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

His time in a Yankees’ uniform looked like it was over until GM Brian Cashman backed Rodriguez and claimed that the organization was not looking to trade him. At this point, Cashman probably wishes he would have eaten those words instead.

Ever since Rodriguez was named in the New Miami Times report linking him to Biogenesis, it has been all down hill between the third baseman and the franchise. He was expected to return from a hip injury that has plagued him for months on end in July. Rodriguez proclaimed that he was fine and was ready to play.

The organization was not, thus leading to speculation on a suspension or even worse, a lifetime ban from baseball.

For better or worse, the third baseman has the Yankees right where he wants them. He has played in a few minor league games and does not have to get embarrassed at the major-league level. He is sitting on more than $100 million over the next five years, and he does not have to play.

All he has to do is to admit to whatever he has done wrong, take his money and leave with his tail between his legs.

What more can a socialite like Rodriguez ask for? It was the perfect con and the Yankees fell for it hook, line and sinker.

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