Alex Rodriguez Is Not Going Away Quietly

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
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If nothing else, you have to give Alex Rodriguez a little credit for fighting his looming suspension head on. Whether it’s 50 games or a lifetime ban, A-Rod doesn’t want to hear it and he’s prepared to appeal anything handed down from MLB. However, the latest buzz surrounding this saga points to MLB seeking a suspension under the collective bargaining agreement and not their PED policies, which would change everything.

Under a PED suspension, A-Rod would be allowed to play while his case went through the appeals process, but that’s not the case with a suspension via the CBA. So it’s now clear how MLB can do a workaround to rid itself of one the game’s darkest clouds.

It’s also being said that if Rodriguez doesn’t accept the initial suspension handed down, that he will indeed face a lifetime banishment. A-Rod’s attorney has acknowledged that they are ‘focused on an appeal,’ which seems to indicate the suspension could announced any time now.

No matter how hard the former slugger fights, he’s still going away from game. It’s just a matter of how long he’ll be away at this point and permanently is starting to seem like the most realistic answer.

At 38, what does the fallen star have left to prove? Any career milestones he achieves front this point on would just be shrugged away by the baseball community. It will only further anger people the higher he climbs on the all-time home run list. No one benefits from an A-Rod return except A-Rod.

To regain any slight bit of respectability, he’d have to play the game clean at a high level for several more years. He doesn’t have that much time, nor could his body hold up long enough to make it happen.

Any way you look at it, Alex Rodriguez is finished. It might not be this week or this year, but he’s done. MLB is going to suspended him and every day that he can’t take the field, is another day his career clock will tick. By the time he returns, if ever, he’s going to be way too old and he’ll just further embarrass himself. While I do respect on some minor level that he’s fighting this looming suspension and trying to get back out there, I remain in the camp of people that think A-Rod should just retire now and save everyone the hassle.


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