Cincinnati Reds' Devin Mesoraco Has Hot Bat

By Coop Ledford
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds were not getting much production from their everyday catcher Ryan Hanigan; now he’s on the disabled list, more playing time can be given to Devin Mesoraco.

Mesoraco has had a hot bat recently, something the Reds were desperately hoping for and needed. In the month of July, he has been one of the Reds’ best hitters. So far, he has hit .317, has two home runs, and has knocked in nine runs.

While his home run and RBI numbers may not seem all that impressive, he is hitting much better than previously. Mesoraco has 19 hits this month, seven more than he had recorded in any other month this season. He also has had five games in which he has recorded two or more hits.

The Reds certainly hope his hot bat won’t cool off because their other catcher, Corky Miller, is not doing much for them offensively.

On the season, Miller is only hitting .160 with no home runs and only three RBIs. He also has more strikeouts (five) than hits (four) this season. While Miller may be a better defensive catcher and a more experienced one, he is not getting the job done at the plate.

Every Reds fan has to be pleased with the production they are getting from Mesoraco, and he is possibly becoming the next great Reds catcher right before their eyes. Once Hanigan returns off of the DL, you can expect him to become the backup catcher and Mesoraco to take over, a promotion that he no doubt deserves.

Cooper Ledford is a Cincinnati Reds writer for Follow him on Twitter @CoopLed.

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