How Will New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Respond To MLB's Ultimatum?

By Adam Fischer
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

MLB has given New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez an ultimatum.

It is being reported by multiple sources that his options are either take a suspension for the rest of this year and all of next year, or risk the chance of appealing his suspension which could lead to a lifetime ban. This is because of Rodriguez’s link to the Biogenesis clinic that already led to the suspension of Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun.

It is a huge risk for A-Rod to try and appeal his suspension because it’s being reported that MLB has a lot more information linking Rodriguez to the clinic than they had on Braun. It’s also worth noting that Braun did not even put up a fight when he was offered a deal to be suspended for the rest of this year, intimating that the information that MLB has compiled is legit and thorough.

If Rodriguez does take the suspension deal, he would still have three years left on his contract, but he would then be out of pro ball for two full seasons and would be just under 40 years of age. Sure, he would be well-rested, but with rust and his advanced age, there’s no way he would be able to live up to his still-pricey contract.

No matter how this debacle turns out, barely anything can save A-Rod’s image at this point.

He might be the most hated player in baseball — even Yankees fans are undecided as to whether they would want to see him back on the field. I personally think it would be incredibly fascinating to see Rodriguez back in pinstripes; he’s like the evil twin of the most interesting man in the world, and seeing him in action, no matter how he plays, would get very boisterous responses.

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