New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Would Be Stupid To Fight Potential Suspension

By Matthew Solomon
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It has been no secret that MLB has been trying to rid itself of steroids over the last few years.

This ongoing investigation has already lead to Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers being suspended the rest of this season. Next up on the list is current New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. If Rodriguez is found guilty of his involvement in steroids, and more specifically Biogenesis, he will be suspended for anywhere from 100 games to a lifetime ban.

According to reports from Newsday, Rodriguez plans on going down fighting if found guilty — which also happens to be the stupidest thing Rodriguez can do for himself.

First things first: Rodriguez has not been found guilty of anything yet.

At the moment, the steroids investigation is till going on, and he is still recovering from hip and quad injuries and trying to get back on the playing field this season. It looks like MLB has nothing on Rodriguez to go off of as of right now, so Rodriguez and his agents can’t really fight anything.

If anything is found to prove the case, Rodriguez would only be doing himself harm by fighting the suspension. Although actual suspension length remains unclear at this point, I could see a possible deal being negotiated here on behalf of Rodriguez to get the suspension reduced; however, if he is indeed found guilty of his involvement, there is no way possible he is getting out unscathed regardless of how hard he intends to fight.

I understand that Rodriguez doesn’t want a lifetime ban (who does?), and the only way I could see him getting out of that would be to shut up, stop denying anything, and definitely don’t fight anything.

Trying to fight a potential suspension will make things look a lot worse, and pretty much guarantees that there is no way Rodriguez is getting back into pro baseball. If Rodriguez really wants to try and fight the possible suspension, he can do that until he is blue in the face.

At the end of the day, however, all that yelling, screaming and fighting is going to be for nothing as he will still be suspended, and it could be for life.

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